All AGTV Members are invited to submit artwork for our Spring online Art Show.

Show Eligibility:

  • Member: You must be a current AGTV member.
  • Originality: All artwork must be original in concept and design and executed by you, but if you created your art piece in a class, workshop or online video you must annotate the title with a note in parentheses. For example: “Garlic (Soon Warren Workshop)” or “Woman (Jenny Manno video)”.
  • Recent: Artwork must have been created in the past five years.
  • Previous exhibits: You may submit artwork from our two recent online exhibits, but please don’t submit artwork shown in a previous AGTV Spring Art Show.

Selling Artwork: You may list your items for sale. All sales of artwork in this show will be handled between the artist and the customer. People will contact you directly if they are interested in your artwork, so please indicate in the form how you want to be contacted. If you sell an item you are responsible for collecting the money and getting the artwork to the customer. If you sell an item, please send a note to so we can mark the item sold.

Submitting your Artwork: To submit your work to be part of this exhibit, please complete the form below. Members may submit up to 3 2D and 3 3D pieces of art. Images should be a minimum of 1000px in their larger dimension. If you are taking pictures with your phone or tablet, the images should be of acceptable size. Please include the title of the artwork, the media, the category, size and whether it is for sale. If it is for sale, please include the price and how you want your contact information listed on the website.

The Deadline to submit your artwork is April 27, 2021. The exhibit will be online in mid-May.

Spring Art Show Submission Form