This page contains the information for artists who would like to participate in the Art Guild of Tellico Village Spring Art Show. Please review this information before submitting your application. Submit your application by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. If you like, you can download a printable version of this information: 2024 Artist Information.

If you have questions about the Art Show, please contact Vicki MacLeod ( or Laurel Hughes (

General Information

  • The 2024 Art Show will be held in the Community Church of Tellico Village Community Center April 26-28, 2024.
  • All members of the Art Guild of Tellico Village are eligible and encouraged to participate in the Art Show. This is not a juried show.
  • The fee for the Art Show is $25. The only method of payment is to use a credit card when the application is submitted. We use PayPal for credit card processing. You do NOT need a PayPal account to pay with your credit card. If you are not familiar with paying by PayPal, please review this information.
  • All exhibiting artists must volunteer to help with the Art Show.
  • There will be People’s Choice Awards, with a total of $500 from Jerry’s Artarama to be awarded.

Key Dates

  • Saturday, April 1: Application deadline. Payment of the $25 fee for the show will be via credit card only.
  • Thursday, April 25: Artwork MUST be presented for check in at the Community Church of Tellico Village between 9AM and 11 AM. We will also have a table for artists’ business cards if you would like to bring yours when you check in. Business cards cannot be displayed with the artwork.
  • Show Dates:
    • Friday, April 26: Show Hours are 10 AM‐6 PM, with an Opening Reception from 4:00 to 6 PM. The Opening Reception is being promoted as a ‘Meet & Greet’ opportunity with exhibiting artists. Therefore, all artists are encouraged to attend the Opening Reception.
    • Saturday, April 27: Show Hours are 10 AM‐5PM.
    • Sunday, April 28: Show Hours are 11 AM‐4 PM.
  • Sunday, April 28: Artwork MUST be picked up between 4 and 4:30 PM. Artwork may not be removed prior to this time.

Artwork Requirements

  • All Artwork
    • Art must be original with no ideas or references copied, be ‘family friendly’ and created in the past 5 years. No prints or reproductions.
    • No AI generated art, in part or in whole, will be allowed.
    • Entered artwork must be created by the entrant.
    • Due to space limitations, no furniture will be accepted.
    • Art in the show can be listed for sale. The price or NFS (‘Not For Sale’) will be on the descriptive tags that we place with each piece of art.  Please do not put your own price tags on your work. If you sell your art piece, due to Church requirements, sales transactions from the Art Show must occur outside of the Church grounds/property.
    • Artists may submit up to 4 pieces of 2D and 5 pieces of 3D art. These may be pieces that will be hung on our display panels, displayed on a freestanding easel, displayed on a table or be freestanding on the floor.
    • All artwork must have a label on the back or bottom of the piece which contains the artist’s name, the title of the work, the medium and the price. With your submission confirmation letter you will receive a file that can be used for these labels.
  • 2D Artwork (Artwork to be hung on our temporary walls)
    • Of the 4 pieces allowed, artists are limited to 2 (two) pieces of 2D art that are greater than 36″ in either height or width. The artist must provide a freestanding easel to display these large pieces of artwork.
    • A digital photo will be required of each 2D piece for show layout purposes.  Your image and measurements should include the frame. These images will not be made public.  Photos do not need to be good quality and can be taken with your cell phone or tablet.
    • All 2-D art (paintings, collages, photographs, etc) must be framed OR have deep profiles with finished edges and no visible staples.
    • No sawtooth or eyetooth hangers may be used. View additional information on how to prepare your art to hang using D-rings.
    • Hanging wires should be taut and placed 1/3 of the way down from the top so they will not be visible at the top when hung.
    • Painted surfaces must be dry.
    • Deliver framed and canvas art with a single sheet of cardboard with your name on it, to protect it when stacked prior to hanging.
    • Glass art which hangs should be delivered in a box to protect it during staging. Please put your name on your box.
    • For fiber art/felted garments that require hanging, you’ll need to bring the appropriate display equipment (hangers, clothing rack, etc.).
  • 3D Artwork (Artwork to be displayed on tables or floor)
    • Pieces must balance and stand on their own.
    • Sculpture must be securely positioned on bases.
    • Jewelry must be displayed in boxes or on forms.
    • If you deliver your artwork in a box, please put your name on your box.

NOTE: If more artwork is submitted than there is room to display, AGTV reserves the right to remove the 4th 2D and 5th 3D item submitted by each artist.  Also the elimination of the 2nd 2D item measuring 50” or wider may be necessary.

Applications for the 2024 show will be accepted until April 1, 2024